These are the days of our kids lives……

This is a fictional story, depicting a day in the Media life of Little Johnny (or could it be Jonette?)
The numbers are to highlight the number of media interactions that can occur in a single day.

Johnny arises from his bed with the warm expectant glow reserved for 8 year olds at the start of a new day.
He wanders down stairs to breakfast. In the kitchen the T.V (1) is on and Mum is sending a text message (2) on her mobile while she gets breakfast ready.
As Johnny eats breakfast, he flicks through his latest Games magazine (3) and glances at the catalogues(4) on the table while ‘Sunrise’ bubbles through the kitchen.
In the car on the way to school, Johnny watches a DVD (5) from the back of his Dad’s head-rest while Dad listens to the News on the Radio (6). As they drive, they pass a vast sea of signage (7), selling everything from real estate to lingerie.
At school, Johnny spends the day immersed in a range of reading and writing activities, including learning a new song (8), reading and viewing a story (9), surfing the Internet (10) for research material for his Powerpoint presentation (11), exploring learning objects on the Ed Qld Learning Place, composing a narrative (12) and viewing photos (13) of their latest class excursion. After school, Johnny joins the cast of the school musical (14) for practice before heading home.
At home, Johnny watches some T.V (15) and plays on his Xbox (16), killing 500 alien mutants before dinner. During dinner, conversation is limited as the News is on T.V (17) and Dad is expecting an important phone call (18).
After dinner, all the members of the house retreat to their own separate entertainment zones.
Johnny’s big sister continues the days gossip with her friends on MSN (19), watches Youtube and downloads some new songs onto her Ipod (20).
Mum goes to her computer and checks on her latest bid on Ebay (21) before settling down in front of the T.V (22) for the nights viewing.
Dad hurries to his office to check his emails (23) and to finish that computer presentation (24) for work tomorrow.
Alone in his room, Johnny knows he should be reading his school home reader, but the roar of the semi automatic weapon in his electronic game (25) game calls to him. Besides, there’s nothing on T.V tonight.
At 7.30, his Dad calls out that it’s time for bed.
Johnny says, “O.K Dad, Good night.” He then turns down the volume of his game, turns the light off and continues to play until 10.00pm.
Finally, tired but satisfied with his score and kill statistics, Johnny slips off into a scattered, restless sleep.

This is a day in the media life of some of our kids.

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