“A huge THANK YOU Jeff for a really fantastic workshop – it was really inspiring for everyone, got them energised and enthusiastic about creating video content. It was great to have your sensitivity and awareness as to where people were coming from and the scene setting and contextualising was just spot on.”

Elizabeth Bell: Head of Communications, Royal College of Art, London

Video Production

Digital Storytelling Workshops and Consultancy

Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories are the windows through which others see us and understand our unique place in the world.

Tigermonkey Productions brings stories to life. With over 25 years experience in media, education and storytelling, we specialise in video production and training in digital storytelling for organisations, corporates, institutions and individuals.

Tigermonkey Director Jeff Licence is an award winning storyteller and has created films and run workshops for the ABC, Australia Council for the Arts, the Royal Opera House and the Royal College of Art in London, Qld Performing Arts Centre, Griffith & Bond University, Southern Cross University, Penguin Publishing, Aurecon Engineering, HLB Mann Judd, FTI Consulting, WSP Global Engineering, State Library of Qld and the Australian Institute of Architects (plus many more).

 The Saltwater Story – Tigermonkey Productions latest documentary

“Being a film maker used to have such a high bar to entry, especially in terms of the equipment required. But all that has changed and Jeff Licence taught us how to make great videos with nothing but our smart phones and his knowledge of film-making technique.”

Lone Keast | Executive Manager, Partnerships: State Library of Queensland

Digital Storytelling Education and Consultancy

Empowering people to become content creators

All savvy businesses, organisations and institutions have a website and several social media channels, all hungry for content. Unfortunately very few have the time or capacity to create new and engaging content to continually feed these online marketing spaces.

But what if you could learn how to create your own quick turnaround videos, photos and podcast content, in house and at no extra cost?

Jeff Licence’s digital storytelling workshops, developed over years of creating and teaching in this space, are designed to help people across all sectors:

    • define and extract your unique story/ stories into authentic offerings
    • understand the essential elements of storytelling
    • capture quality video, photos and audio with available technology (such as smartphones) to create easily shareable social stories
    • edit footage quickly (via smartphones) into short, sharp videos that capture the essence of your event, character or experience
    • save time and money on video production
    • enhance your ability to share your work or message online via social media channels, websites and other promotional platforms.
The skills developed in Jeff’s workshops are vital for todays professionals, particularly those working in marketing, communications, digital & social media content, leadership & networking, HR & Professional development, Arts documentation and marketing, as well as for internal reporting & communications with colleagues and clients.


Alongside and beyond the workshops, Jeff operates as a digital storytelling consultant, helping marketing, communications and digital teams develop their content making skills and bring narrative ideas to life.

These bespoke consultancy packages offer participants deep skills in:

  • Developing, planning and storyboarding ideas specific to your business
  • Developing capabilities to shoot, edit and upload content within a quick turnaround time
  • Skills to capture and quickly share an Event from smartphones to convey a sense of immediacy and ‘being there’ for an audience
  • Interview techniques, including asking the right questions and how to get the best from talent
  • Working with presenters, managers, CEO’s on their ‘on camera’ presentation skills
  • Advice on equipment
  • Advice on online / social media platforms to use depending on type of content and communication needs. 

For the cost of a single corporate video, Jeff can empower your teams to create digital content in perpetuity.

Be in touch and we can send you a detailed proposal of the various workshop and consultancy options.

Contact Jeff on 0432 825 812 or jeff@tigermonkeyproductions.com

See examples of Jeff’s Video Work here and more detail on Digital storytelling here.

Jeff Licence
Jeff Licence – Filmmaker, Digital storytelling educator & consultant. Founder and director of Tigermonkey Productions


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