Welcome to Tigermonkey Productions

Video Production, Digital Storytelling Workshops and Consultancy.

Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories are the windows through which others see us and understand our unique place in the world.

Tigermonkey Productions brings stories to life. With 25 years experience in media, education and storytelling, we specialise in video production, web promotion and digital storytelling workshops.

Tigermonkey Director Jeff Licence is an award winning storyteller and has created films for The Australia Council for the Arts, Qld Performing Arts Centre, Griffith University, Aurecon Engineering, Burleigh Brewing, F.S.G, Australian Institute of Architects and the ABC (plus many more).

Find out more about Tigermonkey’s video work here

The Saltwater Story Promo

We All Dance – a documentary for Qld Performing Arts Centre and The Royal Ballet.

Digital Storytelling Education and Consultancy

“Being a film maker used to have such a high bar to entry, especially in terms of the equipment required. But all that has changed and Jeff Licence taught us how to make great videos with nothing but our smart phones and his knowledge of film-making technique.”

Lone Keast | Executive Manager, Partnerships State Library of Queensland

These workshops are designed to help the arts, business, tourism, education and corporate sectors to:

  • define and extract their unique story/ stories into authentic offerings
  • understand the essential elements of storytelling
  • enhance their ability to share their work or message
  • capture quality content (video, photos and audio) with available technology (e.g smartphone cameras) to create an interesting visual sequence
  • edit this footage quickly (via smartphones) into short, sharp videos that capture the essence of an event, character or experience
  • save time and money on video production
  • share this self-created content via social media channels, websites and other promotional platforms to create awareness amongst a large online audience.

With a 25 year background across education, digital storytelling and media, Jeff has taught thousands of people aged from 5 to 85 how to plan, create and share their own stories.

Jeff also operates as a digital storytelling consultant, helping clients plan, develop and devise narrative ideas around their specific communication needs.

This can range from:

  • working internally with staff to brainstorm story plans
  • creating storyboards and scripts for presentations, reports, awards, competitions or public facing communication
  • accessing and providing advice on digital equipment needs to create your own content
  • mentoring and training specific staff in camera, editing, podcasting and storytelling.

Contact Jeff on 0432 825 812 or jeff@tigermonkeyproductions.com to see how he can help.

Check out all of the videos and stories Jeff has produced for the ABC.

Contact Jeff on 0432 825 812 or Email: jeff@tigermonkeyproductions.com

medium to share it. Call us for a no- obligation chat and to see how we can help you get your story out there.

0432 825 812 or jeff@tigermonkeyproductions.com

Jeff Licence
Jeff Licence – Filmmaker, Digital storytelling educator & consultant. Founder and director of Tigermonkey Productions

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Tigermonkey Productions

  1. Hi Jeff, just found your blog. Love it! And what a surprise to see a pic of Richard Z from Wild Mountains…he’s married to my cousin. Looking forward to keeping up with this site. Warm wishes, Sara

    • Hi Sara,
      Thanks, great that you enjoyed the blog. It’s all good fun stuff.
      Say hi to Richard Z for me and I hope he doesn’t mind me using that photo.

  2. Hi Jeff

    We are a family from Brisbane on holidays and just walked past your shop window display in Tugan. As a lover and collecter of many things ‘with stories’ of my own and found in obscure places and op shops etc etc I just wanted you to know how much we loved your creative display and it’s story. It was really enjoyed.

    Thank you

    Karen Casley
    Lover of vintage, treasured personal items from the past and unloved treasures brought back to life.

    • Thanks Karen, lovely to get your message (even belatedly!).
      Glad you enjoyed my eclectic effort – it was fun to put together and I really enjoyed seeing people engaging with the collection of story bits.
      There is so much history and detail and personality held in those old quirky things, I really love it.
      What kinds of ‘things with stories’ do you collect?

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