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I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jeff Licence to anyone keen on up-skilling their team in all things digital storytelling. He made the process easy, enjoyable and extremely rewarding. Jeff’s a great trainer who is adept at imparting knowledge about an often complex subject in an engaging way. He effectively trained participants drawn from different professional disciplines – often a challenge, but handled with skill and a smile.”

Chris Shipman: Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media
Royal Opera House, London

How do you best tell your story to capture an audiences attention? 

Stories are who we are. They reveal the sum of us. We all have amazing stories to tell and yet sometimes we just don’t know the best way to tell them.

How do you share with staff, volunteers, boards, clients and the public what it is you do with clarity and emotion?

How do you keep a compelling, ongoing social media presence that will attract the clients and business you want.

Jeff Licence’s Mobile Video and Digital Storytelling Workshops teach the elements of good storytelling and how to plan, shoot, edit and publish quality videos, photographs, blogs and podcasts using tools as simple and available as your smartphone.

Over the last 25 years Jeff has adapted to the digital shifts in the media, communications, education and marketing landscape, developing an unusual and highly sought after skill set in digital storytelling, mobile video production, understanding audiences, social media and face to face training.

Some of Jeff’s happy workshop clients:

  • The Royal Opera House (London)
  • The Royal College of Art (London)
  • State Library of Qld
  • The Australia Council for the Arts
  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre
  • WSP Global Engineering
  • Aurecon Engineering
  • Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers
  • FTI Business Consulting
  • Workcover Qld
  • HLB Mann Judd Accounting
  • TAL Insurance
  • Bond University
  • Griffith University
  • Qld College of Art
  • Southern Cross University
  • Gold Coast Tourism
  • ICON Marketing Network
  • Australian Institute of Architects
  • Kings Place (London)
  • and many more…

Here’s an example of the kind of content that can be shot and edited on a smartphone.

Shot on IPhone and edited on the plane journey home from Canberra.

“Jeff ran a really useful session on digital storytelling for the Arnold Bloch Leibler marketing team. It was hugely practical with lots of tips and takeaways. Highly recommend!”

Lisa Hayes: Marketing and Business Development Manager – Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers

“I had a very fun and informative time. Leant many skills and tips that will greatly help with the content I create.” 

“Lots of fun, clearly presented and entertaining. I learned things! Didn’t know I could do so much with my phone.”

Digital Marketing Professionals – Kings Place London

Jeff’s experience includes:

  • 10 years as Tigermonkey Productions working with large corporates, major institutions and organisations, creating short and long form video and documentary content and running workshops and consultancies.
  • 3 years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a digital content maker and digital storytelling trainer.
  • 5 years creating and teaching a first of its kind primary school media education program.
  • Teaching and consulting in Documentary and Digital Storytelling at several universities.

In the process, Jeff has taught thousands of people aged 5 to 85 how to plan, create and share their own stories. 

Jeff’s fun, interactive and practical workshops and consultancy programs pick up where previous marketing and social media workshops have left off, by empowering participants to become their own quality content creators.

A day in the life of a Digital Storytelling Workshop at the State Library of Qld

Who is it for?

  • Marketing, Media, Communications & Digital professionals across all industries looking to up skill
  • Social Media specialists wanting to develop storytelling and quick content turnaround skills
  • HR & Professional Development sessions
  • Leadership development and training sessions
  • Educators and Universities – academics, students/ media and marketing
  • Journalists, Content makers, Creators, Artists
  • Managers, Staff, Volunteers and Individuals with a story to tell who want to develop their digital skills.

There are a variety of Workshops options available for small and large groups which can be tailored to your needs, ranging from a 2 hour introductory workshop to a full consultancy package running over several months and including in-depth training, support and mentoring.

Jeff also offers training and mentoring for individuals.

“Jeff’s Digital Storytelling Workshop is informative, stimulating, creative and fun! I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to have a crack at digital storytelling.” 

Federico Pani: Engagement & Partnerships | State Library of Queensland

“A huge THANK YOU Jeff for a really fantastic workshop – it was really inspiring for everyone, got them energised and enthusiastic about creating video content. It was great to have your sensitivity and awareness as to where people were coming from and the scene setting and contextualising was just spot on.” 

Elizabeth Bell: Head of Communications, Royal College of Art, London

Workshop Options

There are a variety of workshop and consultancy options available depending on your time frame, budget and needs. Participants will learn:

• To hone their storytelling craft through ongoing feedback and supervision, from planning to publishing.

• Understand the structure and elements of storytelling to define and extract their unique story/ stories into authentic offerings.

• Skill development in using smart phones to shoot video, photograph and record audio, build a visual sequence, conduct interviews, write blogs or create podcasts.

• Skills to create content and publish it to social media or their website, all from their smartphones within a short turnaround time.

  • In person and online follow up on story edits before publishing.

“Great instructor. Practical was excellent and good fun – would recommend.”

“Jeff’s gentle, fun approach make these sessions a joyful and creative way to learn storytelling.”

“A great day. Jeff was a great facilitator who spoke well and made me feel very comfortable within the group.”

“I’ll use these new skills to take videos when onsite for events and at the office to showcase the company and when we need to have edited content live online in a very short time.”

Gold Coast Tourism Workshop Participants


Jeff also offers individualised consultancy packages to businesses, organisations, institutions and individuals wanting to create their own meaningful, shareable content.

As well as individualised training in storytelling, camera work and editing, consultancy clients receive:

  • Planning and prioritising of story ideas specific to your business
  • Interview techniques, including asking the right questions and how to get the best from talent.
  • Working with presenters, managers, CEO’s etc on their ‘on camera’ presentation skills.
  • Brainstorming story content and angles for future video and audio creations.
  • Developing team capabilities to shoot, edit, and upload to social media within a quick turnaround time.
  • Skills to create and publish an event video as it happens from smartphones.
  • Using DSLR and smartphone cameras (based on clients equipment) to convey important information and provide a sense of ‘being there’ for an audience.
  • Advice on the most appropriate online / social media platforms based on type of content and communication needs.
  • Advice on best / most appropriate digital equipment to purchase.

This consultancy package is a deep, comprehensive approach in developing digital storytelling skills and is the most useful and supportive long term process for an organisation.


Jeff has vast experience teaching and advising across many contexts including:

  • Communications, Marketing and Digital
  • Corporate and small businesses
  • Arts, cultural and government organisations
  • Community and Indigenous groups
  • Journalists
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Finance
  • Early childhood, Primary and High School teacher professional development
  • Children and Parent groups
  • University students and lecturers
  • Unions
  • Tourism operators and regional bodies
  • Conferences

Although their outcomes differ, all these groups share common needs: to communicate effectively, capitalise on video as the new literacy, tell a good story, develop in house skills and save money on outsourcing.

Presentations are tailored to suit specific audiences.

Contact us for a detailed proposal of the various workshop options on 0432 825 812 or email:

“Jeff has an uncanny knack for being able to look at a project in its fullness but then drill down into the details to pull out exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Jeff was able to assist me in a very comprehensive, gentle and easily explained way to improve those areas. There is a marked improvement in the episodes I’ve released since working with Jeff and I have to say, I’m now incredibly proud of what I’m creating.”

Alana Helbig: Storyteller, Podcaster, Women’s Podcast creator and mentor

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