Digital Storytelling Education and Consultancy

“Jeff’s clear instruction and skill and passion for the work enabled me to learn the art of film making in a really accessible way that I can definitely transfer into my working life. Thanks so much for a great day! Time to go buy a selfie stick… (never thought I’d say that!).”
Alison Burnley: Events/Project Officer | Partnerships State Library of Queensland


Digital Storytelling Workshops

We all have a story to tell, but sometimes we don’t know how to tell it.

Is your story best expressed through a video, a blog, a podcast or a simple photograph and caption on social media? Which social media platform is best for your content? How do you capture an audiences attention and bring to life internal business communication and reporting?

In these fun, interactive workshops, presented by award winning filmmaker and media educator Jeff Licence, participants develop skills to unleash their story by utilising smartphone technology to shoot, edit and share content.

Participants will learn:


• To hone their storytelling craft through ongoing feedback and supervision, from planning to publishing.

• Understand the structure and elements of storytelling to define and extract their own unique story/ stories into authentic offerings.

• Skill development in using smart phones to shoot video, photograph and record audio,  build a visual sequence, conduct interviews, write blogs or create podcasts.

• Skills to shoot, edit and publish a video to social media or their website, all from their smartphones within a short turnaround time.

Participants can also receive online follow up for further direction and feedback on their edits before publishing.

“Great day. Jeff was a great facilitator who spoke well and made me feel very comfortable within the group. 
Great instructor. Practical was excellent and good fun – would recommend. 
I’ll use these new skills to take videos when onsite for events and at the office to showcase the company. 
I’ll use these new skills when we need to have edited content live online in a very short time, where a computer/full-scale camera aren’t available or quickly accessible to do it.”
Gold Coast Tourism Workshop Participants


“Jeff’s Digital Storytelling Workshop is informative, stimulating, creative and fun! I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to have a crack at digital storytelling.” 
Federico Pani: Engagement & Partnerships | State Library of Queensland



Jeff also offers individualised consultancy to businesses and individuals wanting to create their own meaningful content, get better at telling their own story and develop skills in using accessible technology to feed their social media channels.

“Jeff has an uncanny knack for being able to look at a project in its fullness but then drill down into the details to pull out exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Jeff was able to assist me in a very comprehensive, gentle and easily explained way to improve those areas. There is a marked improvement in the episodes I’ve released since working with Jeff and I have to say, I’m now incredibly proud of what I’m creating.”
Alana Helbig: Storyteller, Podcaster, Women’s podcast mentor


To receive an overview of the various consultancy and workshop options and costs, contact Jeff on 0432 825 812 or


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